Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twitter Wars

When I joined Twitter I was a little hesitant about it's purpose. I mean really I had a Facebook and Myspace, why add another site. But, I did it anyways because 'everyone else was doing it.' After spending some time really getting to know Twitter, I was surprised at how people used it. Professional posted articles, quotes, and informational and beneficial tips and tools. It was a place where the average poor college student (me!) was able to connect with CEO's, CMO's, and people just like me all in one place. So I started following everyone; no one was off limits to me. This is where things got interesting to me.

It seems as though people are competing to have the best Tweets or post the latest social media article before anyone else. There aren't many interactions between people. I just hit 500 followers (yay!) and have to say I really have only connected with a handful. Sometimes when you try to connect with someone, they aren't interested in a conversation because they are busy posting 62 one line quotes to break their last record. I thought Twitter was going to give someone like me the chance to network with people I normally would never have had the chance to do so. Instead I just get an inbox full of bulk direct messages about the latest 'get rich quick' scam.

I don't think having a large amount of followers, or following a large amount of people makes a difference. You have to make good connections for it to really be worth anything.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Twilight thoughts of the day

I love Summit. I think the fact that they choose their actors based on the book and not the budget, is what it's all about. They don't have to cast Vanessa Hudgens for people to watch. Actually I'm willing to bet that casting her would probably upset some of the fans. Twilight and New Moon have become about letting the book come through. I can't wait to see what Chris has done with New Moon.

If you know me, you know that I went through a very hard time in November with the loss of my grandmother. You also know that I credit Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight Saga with getting me through it. Twilight became an escape for me; I got to be in a world where I didn't have to be me. For that I was grateful and became a huge fan. However my fandom stops with the books, movies, and occasional website surfing. To me it's one thing to enjoy something, it's an entire other to live that something. I was on the internet today and came across a couple sites where Twilight is as real as you and I. The characters have conversations and eat dinner together. While I was grateful to get away to that world during a hard time, I knew what reality was and how to come back to it. So is this just fan fiction at it's best, or are these people so obessed with the lives of vampires that they truly live it?


So, I have to say that since blogging started, I always thought it was for people who had nothing better to do. Well, I have found myself with nothing better to do at the moment... so I'm going to start blogging about my nothingness. If you read my about me page you'll know that I love everything from sports to pop culture. Nothing is off limits, and I won't use this as a boring academic blog. I just found that I have so much to say, and no one to listen :) so I will get it all out here. I hope if you agree or disagree, you let me know. Nothing is better than having an educated conversation. Enjoy!