Friday, March 18, 2011

Try to keep Up

Ok, so I really don't have one thing to talk about. More like this is going to be a rambling post..for sure. And yes, I really do talk like this :)

First, it was my first St.Patty's day in Cleveland... and I was the DD. No biggie though.. I'm not a big drinker. Plus I love to watch all the drunk idiots be just that. Speaking of, does anyone else love the pick up lines guys use? Hello creeper creeperton, it's not cool to start a conversation off about your penis. Thanks, but keep walking.

My quarter life crisis is approaching. I turn 25 in like 3 weeks, and I'm slightly freaking out. Age really is just a number, but I feel like there's so much I still want to do before I have a family. (Which is weird to even say) So I've decided to at least celebrate I need ideas. I want to go on a mini vaca. Somewhere that 3 days is enough time to see a lot. Ideas?

I found a new website that I love. (no they didn't pay me to say that). Who doesn't love free stuff...and they find it and out it all in one place for you. I've even signed up for their emails so I can be on top of it! Let's just say my mail man is going to hate me in 5-8 weeks.

OK! So this is my biggest rant of the night. Trashy people. Is it wrong of me to go through my friends list on Facebook and look at people that I consider trashy- just so I feel better about myself. I love it when girls are posing half naked and calling themselves classy in the same photo...really? Or holding a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of Jack in the other..all while falling off the sidewalk. I'm up for a good time and going out.. but I like to think I do it with style and class.

Anyone a make-up expert? I spent a semi pretty penny on some Smashbox foundation primer; I've used it for a few days now and don't see a difference in anything. Is there a trick or secret to it? or is this something that is really a rip off?

I'm a little late, but minor movie review. I just FINALLY got to see Social Network. I love, love, loved it. I think it portrayed Mark Z as an arrogant asshole, and I wish he was my friend! Smart people always amuse me and I'm always up for an intellectually stimulating conversation. I do think that the movie was a little over the top in some parts, but that's exactly how I would imagine these peoples lives to be.

I love reading and writing...always have. I have so many ideas I'd love to put down on paper. So I've made a new, new years resolution. I want to finish my first book (even if it sucks ass) by the end of the year. Hopefully much sooner, but we'll see.

Ok, for now, I'm done. Next post, I'll try to have a point...promise.

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  1. 25 isn't so bad. Definitely do it big! I feel it's a milestone age. Chicago, New York, Miami all fun birthday cities.