Wednesday, March 30, 2011

North Carolina, C'mon and raise up...

Petey Pablo may be pumped about North Carolina...but there are some parts of the state that I'm a little less then enthusiastic to see again.

My sister and I recently made a trip down to Hoke county for a teacher job fair. I got online to book a hotel...and in my defense, I was at work and it was a little last minute. Anyways, I found a Days Inn with a continental breakfast (b/c that is a must on a trip!) and booked it. After a 10 hour drive I wanted nothing more than to check in and get a good nights sleep.


When we pulled up it turns out this was a MOtel, not a HOtel. I checked in (thank you to the lady in sweats) and headed to the room. The first thing I was greeted by was the dusty covered door and some sort of green nastiness on the handle.

Moving into the room, everything was covered in a layer of dust, dirt, and God knows what. My sister wanted to shower and get to bed. Not only was the tub HORRIBLE, there was hardly any hot water and it made an awful high pitch squeal the entire time the water was on. While she was in the shower I decided to get into bed. HAH!
The sheets were stained a yellow and the pillows looked like they had dried boogers. I literally took sanitizing wipes to the bed :(

Long story (kinda) short, the heater sounded like a hamster on a wheel, weird noises came out of the bathroom at night, and the TV was from 1953. Needless to say I called and canceled our second night. And thanks to Days Inn "happy customer, satisfaction guaranteed" crap, I wrote an email and am awaiting a response and refund.

So what should you take out of this... READ REVIEWS!! Even if 1 person says it's 'ok'...the other 5 that say it sucks, they are probably right!!!


  1. hey min,
    i was in a few disgusting hotels/motels in NC a few years ago when me and a friend took an unplanned trip there. we stayed there 4 days and was in a dif hotel/motel every night we were there. In dif parts of the state, needless to say it wasn't the best trip!
    miss ya girl!!

  2. woWOW! this is terrrible. how can that pass for a suitable place to have someone pay to stay at? yikes :(

    sorry you had to go through that. i know, i know, there are people that might have it worse but still :/ if you don't have to.. you know? haha

    so i love your blog. i'm a new follower of yours you know. i'd love it if you came and said hello sometime :) maybe even follow back if you'd like. we'd love to have you around!

    <3, kandice