Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beauty and the Bust

Since I was 5 and Beauty and the Beast was released, I’ve been hooked. It’s my all time favorite Disney movie and I have a slight obsession with all things Beauty and the Beast. While I’m not a die hard ‘have a Disney tattoo’ fan, I do have a small little collection. Mostly dolls still in the box, hand carved Belle figures, and the glass collectibles. I’d like to say I’m a pretty big fan. So imagine my eye bulging excitement when I heard the traveling Broadway show would be about an hour away! I had to go. My roomie and I bought tickets and I was like a 10 year old all over again, I couldn’t wait to go!

We got to the show, got our tickets and headed in. I stopped by the merchandise stand to check things out and wanted to pick up a program. Hah. T-shirts, dolls, CD’s…the cheapest thing was a tiny keychain for $10. The program that I thought I’d grab for $5 was….. yeah, $20. But I wasn’t there to buy stuff….

As we take our seats (in the very last row might I add) the lights dim and here we go!
The stage was set beautifully. The characters come out and the show starts. Right away I’m taken to the movie; Belle surrounded by the town people singing ‘Little Town.’ I was most definitely like a 5 year hold smiling and tapping my foot to the beat the entire time. Then out comes Gaston. I hated this guy in the movie…like drove me nuts whenever he was on screen. The actor opens his mouth, sounds just like the movie, and …..I love him. For some reason he had this charisma that was awesome. I loved how he sang, how he walked, loved it all. And Le’fou, hahaha, this guy was great. Hilarious even.

So the show goes on and it’s pretty good. There are parts that aren’t in the movie or are altered (obviously because they have limits to work within). Then the Beast comes out.

Now I know that the beast won’t look as cool as the movie, but the costume was pretty lame. I’m pretty sure I could have sewn a better one up. Next, he opens his mouth and starts to act. OMG.

*Side note* I’m all for women and equality, but I’m not a bra burner feminist (no offense). Just not my thing.

Ok so back to the play.
I’ve never been so offended in my life. I felt like the Beast in the movie would have jumped out and smacked this douche of a beast in the face (not so much the actor, more the creators). He raised his hand as if he were to hit Belle, grabbed her, pushed her, and was just plain a women hating asshole. I was appalled. My jaw dropped, I stared, and kept telling my roommate how annoyed I was. The poor Beast in the movie was NOT being done justice.

As the play continued and it got to where he opens up and isn’t such a jerk, the Beast turned into ..wait for it…. A damn frat boy. It was awful. His conversations made my IQ drop, he jumped around like an idiot… I was seriously waiting for them to roll a keg and pool with muddy half naked girls on stage. I was for sure over the Beast. Bad acting all around.
Finally, I was SOOOO excited to see the end seen where Belle’s in her yellow gown and “a Tale as Old as Time…” is playing. I think I had butterflies I was so excited. Should have known. When she came out, the dress was ok, but nothing like what I expected. It looked like they borrows a dress from 1864. So disappointing.
Overall the play was good, I’m glad I saw it..but I wouldn’t go back and see it with the same cast. Sadly I think Gaston and Le’Fou were the best!

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